Important information on Ethereum

2018-09-11 20:51


Dear investors and partners!


We are pleased to announce that the development of a special smart contract for the Ethereum network allowed us to depend less on the instability of the work of this blockchain-platform when paying out the list of requests by our robot. Currently, we can guarantee the delivery of transactions when the network loads up to 90% on the counter at


Therefore, it is highly recommended to output the Ethereum crypto currency only to personal MetaMask or MyEtherWallet crypts, due to the fact that in some wallets (for example, contract transactions are not displayed and are not credited to the balance without contacting the support service.


On the platform Ethereum very low commission, which is an average of no more than 10 cents. If you use MetaMask / MyEtherWallet, you will be able to adjust the commission, making it lower, or vice versa high, so that whenever the network is unstable, Ethereum is guaranteed to send its funds.


For the sake of comfortable operation and security of crypto assets, do not send your finances directly to exchanges or exchangers, since processing of orders for withdrawal takes us up to 24 hours, and in most exchangers you need to transfer funds within 30 minutes, after which the request for an exchange is canceled. Therefore, in this situation, if you do not turn in time to support iNeuroBrain on time to cancel the withdrawal transaction, there is almost 100% probability of losing your bitcoins and airs.


Instructions for creating a crypto-currency wallet MetaMask =>


Sites of recommended cryptotheliots for Ethereum:

MetaMask =>

MyEtherWallet => (we recommend that you authorize through metamascus).



When creating a wallets, be sure to save your private key and the restatement (SEED), which also WRITE from the HAND on the paper.