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  • Trading bot
  • Blockchain platform
  • P2P-Exchange
  • P2P-Lending
  • Mobile App
    The official iNB application for Android and iOS

    The iNB mobile application provides trouble-free and secure functioning of our online state, grants communication opportunities between community members, as well as access to personal user accounts at any time. Strong encryption algorithms protect all user data in accordance with the highest standards of digital security.

    • Fault tolerance, reliability, decentralization, data storage in the blockchain, advanced security technologies

    • Chats with p2p encryption, group discussions, profiles, ratings, asset management, training materials, news feed and community initiative voting

    • Management of plastic cards, bank accounts and accounts of payment systems (in development)

    • Open API, Sandbox and SDK documentation for quick and efficient integration of third-party applications and blockchain-industry services

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