Cash rewards to active participants in auctions and Leaders chat
  Dear Global Blockchain Community members!   As you already know we have launched one of the most ambitious online earnings projects together with our partner Wexford Alliance Limited. The joint venture has benefited  from INB's  Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence know-how, in particular the online web-site assistant and client support scripts are based on INB technology.   In order to objectively evaluate the new service and to bring to light its advantages and disadvantages we’ve decided to launch a following PROMO campaign:   - The Auction winners get the amount equal to the amount of Dollars purchased for the NBO to the Advertising Balance*;   - Active chat members that help others explaining the terms and conditions of the Auctions and other matters, thereby taking the pressure off the Support get 25 USD to the Credit account*.   The funds earned during PROMO campaign belong to participants and can be withdrawn using any convenient option available.   The website advertising pricing policy is structured in that manner that INB can continue to fulfill its Affiliate program obligations. You will be able to continue to get deductions from your affiliate structures according to the hierarchy and conditions of the INB Affiliate Program.    Important:   To continue getting Affiliate payments you and your affiliate partners shall use INB login option when entering the website. If one uses any other login option the affiliate deductions will not be credited and will be kept by the company. Affiliate payments are credited to the balance in the INB app and are available for withdrawal immediately.   Participants selected to participate in PROMO campaign will receive an invitation link to the PROMO group. After joining the group you need to login to the website using  INB login and send the Card Number found in the user account to @ai_marketing_support Telegram.   Thank you for your support and willingness to help.   Sincerely, Anti-crisis Team   * The funds credited to the Advertising Account belong to you. The amounts credited to the Credit Account belong to the Global Blockchain Community Development Fund and need to be returned after PROMO campaign ends. However, you do get to keep the profits.
2019-07-17 15:37
New auction format
  Dear participants and partners!   Today ended the 15th auction on the purchase of NBO. During this time, 90,664 NBOs were bought out from the Global Community Blockchain partners. Auctions from the Development Fund continue.   There have been numerous proposals from participants to speed up auctions. We also want to test holding auctions for smaller amounts so that more partners can participate in the auction. In this regard, in a test mode, we announce the holding of 3-hour auctions for 10 USD each from the Development Fund.   Currently, lists of participants are being compiled that explain to others the terms and conditions of participation in Auctions, share the latest news and help in every way to understand the other nuances of what is happening. This removes some of the burden on the operators, so in the near future the Development Fund will offer them incentives and special offers on the NBO.   Respectfully, Anti-Crisis Team
2019-07-12 20:12
Suggestions for improving auctions
  Dear partners!   The anti-crisis team is constantly working to improve test auctions from the Development Fund, in an effort to make them convenient for the maximum number of users.   Before making final decisions, it is important for us to study the opinion of each member of the Global Blockchain Community, so we ask you to take an active part in the discussion and help you decide on a comfortable time and format for holding auctions.   All suggestions and comments on the improvement of test auctions from the Development Fund should be sent to the Leadership Council at =>
2019-07-07 15:24
Quick auctions from the Development Fund
  Dear members of the Global Blockchain Community!   Today ended the third auction for the purchase of NBO. For 3 days, 20,160 NBOs were purchased.   Test auctions from the Development Fund and Partners have been recognized successful and this will be taken into account when setting the Terms of Reference for launching on the Auctions website in automatic mode.   There were numerous offers from participants to somehow diversify Auctions and hold them for small amounts, since not everyone can participate with large amounts. As soon as the bet moves beyond the size of the NBO balance, participants are unable to continue to make bets.   In this regard, in a test mode, we announce the holding of faster auctions (6 hours each) for smaller amounts from the Development Fund in order to give everyone equal opportunity to participate.   We see that in groups, some participants voluntarily explain to others the terms and conditions for participation in Auctions, share the latest news, help in every way and explain other nuances of what is happening. This removes some of the burden on the operators and contributes to the general awareness of the participants. Particularly active chat participants who help others from time to time will be encouraged by the Development Fund.   Respectfully, Anti-Crisis Team
2019-07-06 17:17
NBO buyout - day 1
  Dear partners!   In connection with the desire of some participants of the Blockchain Community to also participate in the purchase of the NBO before the launch of the exchange, the Development Fund decided to allow the participants to bid for the auction. In order to participate in the redemption of the NBO, you must write a personal message to the auction administrator   Terms of participation in the auction:   1) In the message, indicate the ID, the amount for which you want to buy NBO, the calculation currency and the equivalent in crypto expression in the following format hgty56y / 500USD / BTC (0.043). 2) After the auction, the Admin will send you the number of the crypto profile of the auction winner to transfer funds. Funds must be credited within 2 hours. 3) If the winner’s payment is refused, the account of the auction initiator who refused to pay will be blocked from writing off all funds from the account in favor of the winner of the auction.
2019-07-04 18:57
Action Plan to improve the liquidity of the NBO
  Dear partners!   In order to avoid disputes on the order of redemption of the NBO by the Development Fund, it was decided to conduct it in the format of an open auction. In the test mode, the auction will be held in the Telegram => group. If this test is successful, then we will implement the functionality of an automatic auction on the site.   Rules for participation in the auction for the purchase of NBO:   1) The group is intended only for placing lots at an auction and submitting bids for a purchase. No other messages in the group are allowed. Any kind of discussion and comments, please, to other groups. Flood will be cleared, and violators of the rule will be excluded from the group. 2) The admin group publishes the lot and determines the timing of the auction. 3) A lot can be cash, cryptocurrency, in the form of an offer from partners, in the form of a product, product or offer. 4) Participants have the right to apply in the format of ID / amount. For example: Application ID XXXXXX / Amount 100 NBO. 5) At the end of the term Admin administers the auction. The corresponding NBO amount is deducted from the winner’s account and the lot value is paid. 6) If the winner’s account does not have the required amount, participant No. 2 is declared the winner, etc. 7) The winner must necessarily post a confirmation to the group that his NBO had been bought out so that the other participants in the auction could be convinced of the fairness of the procedure.   We also recall the company's position regarding the repayment of obligations to the participants. Dynotronics fully fulfilled its obligations by paying the participants in accordance with clause 1.3 of the “Redemption Agreement ...”. More information you can read the relevant news published on the site:   The intention of the Development Fund is to ensure that the real rate of 1 NBO equals the nominal rate of 1 USD. Auctions will be held as part of the “market drying” event. Participation in the auction is strictly voluntary. Nobody forces anyone to sell their NBO, especially at any price. Any NBO holder can wait for the rate to increase or enter the Executive Committee or the Supervisory Board of the Development Fund and propose solutions to increase the liquidity of the NBO.
2019-07-03 17:00
Official webinar from 06/30/2019
  Dear partners!   06/30/2019 a webinar was held with the head of the anti-crisis team, Robert Chekhov, and the coordinator of the Council of Leaders Yevgeny Rikvin.   In the first part of the webinar, the head of the anti-crisis team answered the most frequently asked questions to the Support Service, and in the second part to the questions that the participants sent live.   Despite the technical problems with sound, the webinar was fruitful - the following questions were covered:   - NBO redemption plan - Company obligations - Trading robot INEUROBRAIN - Management issues - Executive Committee and Supervisory Board - Options and stocks.   According to the results of the webinar, the anti-crisis team reminds the participants of the Global Community Blockchain the addresses of the resources discussed:   1) Trading robot INB => 2) Coordination and feedback group => 3) Earnings website on Cashback => 4) News channel =>   Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the webinar. Anyone who missed the broadcast can watch it in the recording by reference =>  
2019-06-30 21:47
Official webinar
  Dear partners!   We inform you that the work of the transition period is approaching its logical conclusion. The company, like the cryptocurrency market, has overcome difficult trials, transformed itself and invites its partners to visit an open webinar with the participation of members of the Anti-Crisis Management Team.   During it the following questions will be considered: • NBO liquidity; • strategic planning and development; • reorganization; • further interaction; • implementation of common interests.   Partners will receive full explanations on working with options and will get access to the most relevant information regarding the project as a whole. According to the results of the webinar, road maps for all key areas will be approved and adjusted.   You will be notified about the date and time of the webinar in advance through the new official channel, created with the participation of the Crisis Management team. Please subscribe to the channel in advance to stay up to date with the latest news and events.   ATTENTION! The INB News Telegram channel will be closed in 14 days! All new news will be released only on the channel INB Network
2019-05-08 14:07
Blockchain Community exactly 1 year!
  Dear members of the Global Blockchain Community!   It has been exactly one year since we united to achieve our common goals. Congratulations on this significant date. Not everything went smoothly in the outgoing year, but with new forces, we are confidently looking into the future.   Already 28 012 people have applied for options for the Development Fund. Of these, 193 people applied for membership in the Executive Committee (EC) and the Supervisory Board (NA). There is a check for compliance with the formal features. We notify that the application to the IC and NA can be submitted until April 20, 2019.   Work is underway to select the optimal jurisdiction for the incorporation of the Development Fund, taking into account the legal system, anonymity of registers and the taxation system. The finalists are Panama and the British Virgin Islands. Using the INB mobile application, each partner can take an active part by leaving their vote in the menu item “Vote” => “Sharing Global Blockchain Communities”.   The choice of the jurisdiction of incorporation is a very important procedure, as it directly relates to options. By voting, the issue of options/shares of the company from which jurisdiction you would like to have is resolved.   We are also pleased to inform you that in the near future new attractive products will be presented. Follow the news - it will be interesting!
2019-04-02 17:52