Smart Contracts iNeuroBrain

2018-10-23 17:11


Dear investors and partners!


Every day, iNeuroBrain works, successfully moving along the planned roadmap, so that the participants within the community can realize their wildest dreams. Today we will talk about the implementation of one of the items.


On October 18, we shared with the world our intellectual developments, namely, the source codes of smart contracts, which were placed on the most well-known site =>


These smart contracts are running in our own blockchain and are needed for the operation of the iNeuroBrain mobile application. They ensure its decentralization, since all your data will be stored and processed by the blockchain itself, which guarantees the uninterrupted operation of this system.


Detailed information on smart contracts:


Messenger Smartcontract - created for secure blockchain messaging, IPFS is used to store files.


Profile Smartcontract is necessary for the operation of the INB NETWORK CITIZEN ID technology and the secure storage of the identification data of a citizen of our blockchain-state.


Wallet Smartcontract - a smart-wallet wallet for securely storing ERC-20 tokens.


NBC / NBO Token Smartcontract - smart contracts ERC-20 tokens. It uses the development of a third-party company whose reliability is time-tested (Bankoor token).


Our blockchain development does not stop here, we also integrate smart contracts into the iNeuroBrain mobile application to organize the necessary processes for the functioning of the INB NETWORK company, such as voting and much more.


Stay tuned for more news!