Improved account security

2018-10-12 12:59


Dear investors and partners!


The next update of the iNeuroBrain website was made, in which our IT specialists seriously worked on improving the security of personal accounts.


Currently, if you don’t want to install Google Authenticator protection, you can enable authorization via email at your discretion.


If you successfully log into the site through confirmation by e-mail, your browser data and IP address become trusted, after which you can log in without re-confirmation until they change.


Also in the SAFETY section there are two new subsections. In SECURITY LOGS, you can see the actions that occurred in your account, and in the DEVICES sub-section information about trusted devices is displayed, which are deleted if necessary.


Important point! If Google Authenticator is already enabled in your account, then email authentication is not available, as this method of protection is less secure than Google Auth.