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Asset Portfolio

  • Profit-making

    The huge bubble in the cryptocurrency market, inflated during 2017 and now slowly and dramatically blowing away, has made major adjustments in basic principles to trading in this market. High volatility, protracted “bearish” trends, market manipulation, instability of the “stable-coin” and uncovered fraud of a number of stock exchanges make classical methods of algorithmic trading completely inoperable.

    Many cryptofunds still show profits in fake financial reports, although they have actually lost their deposits. The iNB team fully anticipated this situation: a direct analogy with the falling markets of 2000 and 2008, as well as the crisis of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015, suggested itself even at the most positive time in the autumn of 2017.

    Exactly at 2017 we laid the foundations for the new investing management strategy based on the rebalancing assets portfolio and the principles of the fund division. Our iNB Trading bot was created on this basis.

    Since the beginning of 2018, numerous tests and real high-yield results proved the efficiency of our scientific developments and the correctness of the chosen financial and mathematical model.

  • Active management
    Active management

    Realizing the inefficiency of automated algorithmic trading, as well as the impossibility of predicting trends by mathematical statistics only, the iNB team deployed a self-learning neural network into the trading mechanism of the iNB Trading bot.

    Machine learning technologies are the cutting edge of modern cybernetic science. Self-perfecting algorithms exceed the capabilities of the human brain, as well as classical mathematical models. Sometimes they even act completely illogically and violate all the classic rules, but ultimately show a stable positive result. No any trader or stock analyst is able to act in modern rapidly changing and highly volatile market with similar efficiency.

    The active division of the iNB investment portfolio is distributed between several leading stock exchanges and is invested on the principles of scalping and day-trading, and flexible parametric HODL in the short terms through the iNB multi-stream API integrator that allows us to create thousands of trades per second and works even faster than the engines of some exchanges.

    Heuristic analysis of the news trend through autovalidated and ranked sources adds more efficiency to trade operations. This is another iNB know-how embedded in a complex Trading bot’s algorithm. Even in the beta state, sources heuristics has allowed the iNB Trading bot to recognize several large-scale market manipulations and emerge from some deep artificial wipes with a positive outcome.

  • Passive management
    Passive management

    Passive HODL is inefficient by default. In spite of the well-known “monkey tests” of tycoons tempted in financial intrigues, like Warren Buffet, it is too irresponsible to take long positions in managing clients' assets.

    Therefore, the iNB team selected a proactive strategy to rebalance the long-term investment portfolio. We have automated and formalized continuous end-to-end SWOT-analysis of assets and their prospects in software code, based on both classical methods of mathematical statistics and an innovative predication model, which using a system analysis of hidden microtrends, as well as evaluation of news background and search engine statistics to predict consumer expectations of the broad masses of traders.

    The passive investment division of the iNB Trading bot operates in accordance with algorithms that are actually more active than the traditional active algorithmic strategies of trading. We are neglecting the concept of “unconditional efficiency of all cryptotechnologies”. The internal mechanics of the iNB Trading bot is constantly working on rebuilding the passive investment portfolio using a conservative market model generated by our neural network. Passive portfolio assets are constantly converted from asset to asset for maximum profitability and safety.

    In short, the iNB Trading bot does not believe in miracles and future earnings. It operates on the principles of pragmatic mathematics and extrapolative sociological models.

  • Reserve fund
    Reserve fund

    Cryptomarket is constantly evolving and changing. This sphere is still very young and is in a long stage of formation and maturation. And at the same time, any serious investment fund must have hedge insurance assets in order to stabilize the portfolio and fulfill current liabilities without cash gaps.

    That’s why we singled out a special reserve fund in the structure of investment divisions under the control of the iNB Trading bot and rigidly prescribed a special rule for its budgeting. It is designed to provide coverage of the current operations for withdrawing participants' profits to fiat money without delay, and also allows us to make a wide range of quick investments in promising market-maker assets to fix super-profits on a positive background.

    To manage this division, our team has chosen the most conservative investment policy. It plays the role of balancer and airbag. It is attracted to invest only for day-trading and only in the case of 100% “green” indicators of all subsystems of the iNB Trading bot, including the heuristic system for analysis of insides, with mandatory closing of all trades within 24 hours. After that, in accordance with the regulations, it must be converted into fiat US dollars.

    This strategic solution protects our project and investor deposits from any hype-attacks of professional stock exchange manipulators, judicial attacks of “financial trolls”, sudden changes in financial and tax legislation of the jurisdictions of iNB presence and rumor floods which many other investment funds and banks are vulnerable to.

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