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Manage your assets with iNeuroBrain Trading bot


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Simple investing

The iNeuroBrain Trading bot is the best solution for people looking to increase their funds, but have a lack of experience to effectively enter the stock market. iNeuroBrain strategy offers affordable products for short-term and long-term secure investment.

The Neuro-Robot Trader

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Key features of the Trading bot algorithm

  • Deep analysis

    The neural network of the iNeuroBrain Trading bot uses a complete set of classic tools for analysis of market statistics online, and also constantly learns through research the influence of news and events on market trends.

    The rate of tracking changes in quotes by the iNeuroBrain algorithm is not available to the human brain. Not a single trader, or even a whole brokerage agency, is physically able to issue trading decisions as quickly and efficiently as the iNeuroBrain neural network.

  • Balanced portfolio

    We have selected the most promising and reliable assets for the operation of the iNeuroBrain trading bot. The selection was made both on the basis of closed consultations in three independent focus groups of professional traders, and with the help of the heuristic analytical module of the iNeuroBrain neural network itself.

    The cross-asset valuation method and the aggregated matrix of historical trends give a possibility to protect deposits even with long-term investments and minimize the risks of liquidity leaching.

  • Rebalancing of assets

    The iNeuroBrain trading bot regularly conducts a SWOT-analysis of each element of the investment portfolio, assessing the risks and prospects of components using four basic statistical extrapolation techniques and internal neural network algorithms.

    The portfolio is automatically rebuilt in the most stable configuration, if any hidden negative trends are detected. This method of rebalancing allows us to apply more aggressive and more profitable strategies with maximum protection of the initial deposit.

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